At Immanuel Christian School our mission is to provide a comprehensive Christian education that will prepare the student for life in mind, body and spirit. We are committed to the academic, spiritual and social development of the student. Small class sizes with personalized attention meet the academic needs of each student. Our students are taught to build each other up and be problem solvers through positive words and actions.

Our school offers:

  • Curriculum that meets both state and national standards
  • Standardized testing for all grade levels
  • Full day kindergarten
  • Small class sizes
  • After school program for K-8 grades
  • Christian character development
  • STEM program for all grade
  • Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities including: National Honor Society, Robotics, Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Speech/Math Competitions, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball/Softball
Student Learning Outcomes (ABC)
Achieve Academic Advancement
An ICS student should perform well in academic subjects. A student is expected to demonstrate:
  1. Knowledge, comprehension and application of subject content
  2. Transference of knowledge
  3. Ability to research and solve problems using critical thinking skills
  4. Effective communication of the above.
Have a Biblical World View
An ICS student should be capable of perceiving life from a biblical world view. A student is expected to demonstrate:
  1. Knowledge of Bible history, characters and post-apostolic Christian developments
  2. Comprehension of biblical content including the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ
  3. Relevant application of Christian principles to life
  4. Spiritual growth.
Demonstrate Responsible Citizenship
An ICS student should be capable of responsible citizenship and is expected to demonstrate:
  1. Knowledge of U.S. democratic/republican values and processes
  2. Global perspective on citizenship
  3. Comprehension of civic duty
  4. Application of civic responsibility to self.