India International Program


Immanuel Christian School welcomes foreign students, recognizes their special needs, and works to meet those needs in several ways. First, we carefully monitor our enrollment of foreign students so that we may maintain our cultural diversity without sacrificing the traditionally American nature of our overall program. In this way, our foreign students may strengthen their English skills and experience American culture through their personal interaction with others. Second, we provide academic support as well as specialized classes with an ESL (English as a Second Language) emphasis as needed. Third, we provide a wide range of activities after school and on weekends to allow each international student the chance to relax and form friendships outside of the classroom setting.



The core of our philosophy is to expose our international students to as much English as possible while providing a safety net of support. Our ESL students are mainstreamed into most core classes with the American students for full academic credit. Instead of a regular English class, however, they are placed into ESL-sensitive classes where they can work at their own level and speed to build their English language skills. Students who need additional help will also take specialized history and science classes to assist with vocabulary. Every day there is tutorial time during which any student may go to his teachers for extra help or explanations.



Immanuel Christian School has successfully integrated foreign students into the American educational system for many years. In the past ten years, all of our international graduates who have applied to American colleges and universities have been accepted into those programs. Our PSAT, SAT, and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are taught by professionals who are trained and experienced in teaching English to foreign students. Therefore, we are able to accept foreign students at any level of English proficiency. No TOEFL score is required for admission. The school will also handle arrangements for juniors and seniors to take the TOEFL test at various times throughout the year. Immanuel Christian School offers an education that prepares all of our students for college, university and beyond. We value the whole person and want students to have a well-rounded school experience that offers reading, writing and vocal communications so that the students know how to confidently present themselves and are ready to excel when they reach their college of choice. We want our students to explore their own values by offering them the opportunity to learn responsibility and to do their best every day. At Immanuel Christian School, we strive to inspire our students so that they have the confidence to succeed well after graduation.



An application, a school transcript in English, a copy of the student’s passport photo page, and the application fee in the amount of $200 should be sent to the Admissions Office. To download the necessary paperwork, please visit our Admissions page. Immanuel Christian School cannot issue an I-20 until the student has been accepted into our program and the Enrollment Agreement has been returned to the school.



Students are responsible for their own transportation to the school upon arrival in the United States. Some returning foreign students are usually available on campus to assist with the “settling in” process and to answer questions. Any student needing necessities will be taken to a local shopping mall and assisted in purchasing these items.



Immanuel Christian School campus is closed during Thanksgiving Break (November), Winter Break (December – January) and Spring Break (March). International students must make other arrangements for these periods of time. Reservations for travel must be made well in advance and communicated to the Dean of Students. Transportation to the airport is provided at the start of each vacation period.


At Play

Immanuel Christian School offers our students the chance to be successful in many different areas. Our afternoon activity period gives our foreign students a chance to interact with both students and faculty in a less formal manner. Many enduring friendships are formed on the playing fields or through mutual interests. Our interscholastic sports teams include basketball, volleyball, football, and baseball. Students may also choose to participate in music, art, photography, robotics, yearbook, school newspaper, and various other activities such as on-campus movies, inter-class competitions, and field trips to various points of interest locally and in the greater Los Angeles area. Dances are regularly scheduled throughout the year. They may go to concerts, theater productions, museums, off-campus movies, local restaurants or into Los Angeles for shopping or sightseeing. Other activities, such as hiking and rafting are scheduled in season.


For more information, please contact the ICS office

by phone: (760) 446-6114

by fax: (760)

by mail: 201 Graaf Avenue, Ridgecrest, CA 93555